Touch Less Wall Switch

Vision of the future aside doors have been opening and closing without the slightest push or pull from a person for some time now, as evidenced at shopping centers, grocery stores and various other buildings. Found more often in the workplace than home medium to large size businesses doors that open without force cannot be the typical kind mentioned above, but must have forms of security in order to only allow the employees and appropriate persons access, but also ease of use.

One method has been using a pass key and the pushing a mechanical type of wall switch or push plate on the wall. These types of switches do perform for their requisite purpose but can also be a nuisance when carrying packages, papers or large objects or any situation that requires hands free operation in order to contact the automatic door operator. Numerous workplace annoyances have been attributed to areas where constant pressing of wall switches are located next to an employees desk or office and these can be averted. From over excited individuals pushing loudly on wall switches, and with that excessive force creating loud noises there is also uninvited vibration from these doors constantly opening and closing next to workstations, to an almost water cooler environment of lingering persons talking and congregating in areas where they should not be a touch less wall switch makes for convenience and removing these small, but troublesome interruptions.

A touch less wall switch works with an active microwave motion sensor, sending a microwave signal out which then reflects off the moving target, otherwise known as and utilizing the Doppler Effect. This reflected signal is then balanced to the original signal and because the target is in movement the reflected signal is therefore different, which after being processed sends a signal to open the door. The microwave motion sensor is not affected by radio or electrical frequency interference. An individual in the sensing field or hand motion in proximity of the microwave motion sensor is enough to trigger the relay.

Sensing fields for touch less wall switches can vary from four inches to 24 inches in an oval pattern allowing for more convenient operation and range and also less in office disruption. The lack of contact and ease in performance are some of the finer points brought to light from Indianapolis locksmiths when considering the installation of these doors. Incidentally, some touch less wall switches come with two outputs modes, Pulse Mode and Toggle Mode.

The Toggle Mode necessitates two motion sensors, one to activate the relay and a second one to deactivate it. This is recommended for use when requiring a set period of distance or time to finish the application or task at hand. Pulse Mode allows for detection and activates the relay for an adequate amount of time to open the automatic door operator. Toggle Mode is generally the up position and Pulse Mode is the down position. In most cases there is a switch on the front of the sensor.

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- Touch Less Wall Switch
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